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The Snake River Flute Story

The Snake River Flute Story
by Jon Stravers

I crafted my first flute in January of 2002 out of a piece of hickory that was surplus from a friend’s remodeling project. By following the specifications from a book by Lew Paxton Price I came out with a perfect A flute that has become my standard. David Lupien of High Mountain Drums burned a snake design on it, and I carved a lizard effigy out of a deer antler. I took it to a sacred place in the Snake River Canyon to field test it, and was amazed with the results. The sound of the flute echoing off of ancient rock faces, and mingling with the songs of the wind, birds, and river is something I wish for everyone to experience. The Ravens, Golden Eagles, and Prairie Falcons seemed to listen and interpret the notes of my flute into their calls and intricate sky dances. I began to perceive time on a much grander scale and felt deeply connected to my place and purpose in creation. I have always experienced nature as a conversation, but this time I had a tool that allowed me to speak the same language that I was hearing. From this experience the vision for Snake River flutes was born. Our mission is to share this magic that happens when music meets nature.


Like most children in the U.S., my first instrument was the recorder. The recorder may be an easy instrument to play, but it is not easy to make one sound good. It takes a combination of breath control and dexterity that is difficult for children at a young age. The Native American flute is a far superior instrument for beginners. The scale is simple and its melodies are enchanting even in the hands of a beginner. It is easy for a child to create a pleasant clear tone, and the oblong shape of the flute is easy to hold.

It is a special gift to receive a unique handmade instrument. This encourages respect, confidence, and individuality in the musician. As Snake River Flutes and The Heart Song School of Music and Nature we have crafted over 100 flutes specifically for children. Through school programs, private lessons, and workshops we offer the gift of music to all children. If you are interested in this opportunity for a child or a school contact The Heart Song Music Adventures.

Meet the Artists

Kristen Talbot grew up in eastern Oregon on the banks of the Snake River. As a child she developed a great love for nature and continued on to work as a whitewater rafting guide and a wilderness survival guide. Kristen is a diverse and talented artist. She is accomplished in the arts of weaving, beading, painting, wood burning (pyrography), and mothering. Her artwork on our flutes and didgeridoos is gaining attention nationwide. Mixing traditional images and methods with her own modern style, she creates tasteful and vibrant pieces.

Jon Stravers has been playing and writing music for over 20 years. Working with all ages, Jon is dedicating his energy to share the healing and unifying power of the arts, especially music, dance, and ecology. Having traveled extensively as a biologist and environmental educator, Jon now enjoys life as a father, artist and teacher in Boise’s fabulous North End. Jon is the Musical Director of the Children’s Dance Institute, and the founder of two collaborative musical communities, The Unity Ensemble and Big Blue Sky. Through his Heart Song Music Adventures he has developed an intuitive approach to unlocking musical and personal potential in students of all ages. One of Jon’s passions is crafting Native American Flutes.

On December 13, 2003, Kristen gave birth to our son Jonah Chiricahua Stravers. Jonah is a child of music and nature. He began blowing on flutes and banging on drums at 4 months old. Now, at 18 months he is already beginning to show us his unique musical taste. Not a day passes without Jonah playing some musical instrument. Having a child and experiencing the world with him has deepened our relationship with Creator, and each other. We are thankful to our community of friends who have supported us.


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